Suore di Santa Elisabetta


The worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

The deep love of our Foundresses for the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a precious legacy for us. They wanted all the sisters to:
  • discover this Love,
  • live by the disposition of the Divine Heart,
  • more and more learn from Him,
  • make Him happy,
  • protect themselves in Him,
  • remain faithful to Him,
  • resist the evil with His might,
  • reward Him,
  • endure suffering for Him,
  • devote all there strength to Him, until the end of their lives,
  • trust that all their efforts and sacrifices would find redemption in His Sacred Heart,
  • strive “to bring all the actions and deeds closer and closer to the intentions of the Divine Heart” (Mother Francis)

Worship of the Mother of God:

  • Mary is our model in following Christ. Her example shows how, in faith, obedience, humility, simplicity, silence and fidelity, we are to realise our own vocation.
  • Mother Francis consecrated the Congregation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thus counting on Her special care.