Suore di Santa Elisabetta



  • helps the candidate to decide whether to enter postulancy, gives her the opportunity to get to know the Congregation better and to recognise the authenticity of her vocation.

  • the aspirant lives with her own family, but may, for legitimate reasons, undertake her aspirantcy in one of the provincial houses designated by the provincial superior.


  • takes place in a monastic community. It is a time of trial prior to admission to the novitiate and serves as a gradual introduction to our monastic life.
  • lasts from 6 months to 2 years;
  • the postulants wear a black dress with a white collar and a medal of St. Elizabeth


  • is an immediate preparation for First Profession and serves to introduce the novices deeper into the life of our Congregation. The knowledge acquired during postulancy about the charism, spirituality and way of life of our monastic community should be supplemented and deepened during this time.
  • It lasts, in principle, one full year in our Congregation.
  • Novice nuns receive the monastic attire adopted in our Congregation with a white veil and the monastic name. If they wish, they can keep the christening name.


  • the purpose of the juniorate is above all to deepen the inner life in accordance with our spirituality, as well as to prepare theoretically and practically for the apostolic service of our Congregation and to further develop the human and Christian personality.
  • The juniorate time begins with the first vows and lasts until perpetual profession.
  • As an external sign of first profession, a sister receives a black veil and the medal of the Congregation.
  • The sign of perpetual profession is a sacred ring.

Continuous activity

  • it consists in an ever-increasing conformity to Christ, according to the indications contained in the Gospel, in our Constitutions and in our formation rules.
  • It helps us to prepare ourselves ever more consciously for the joyful encounter with God at the end of our lives.